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martedì 30 aprile 2013

10 Tips for Cooperative Learning and.... HTML

10 Tips for Cooperative Learning

Cooperative learning is a method where teachers place students in small teams with students of different learning levels. The object is for the higher-level students to help lower-level students improve their understanding of concepts being taught. In essence, each member is responsible for learning, as well as helping teammates learn, too. Students are to keep practicing concepts until the entire team understands and completes the assignment given. Here are some tips for utilizing cooperative learning in your classroom.

  • Playing teacher
  • The Interview
  • Catch a brainstorm
  • Number Frenzy
  • Group Grading
  • The great debat
  • Listing activity
  • The One Minute Game
      1.What was the main thing you learned today?
      2.Tell me two questions that you have remaining about this lesson.
      3.What else would you like to know about this topic?
  • Assigning group roles
  • Ranking order
10 tips for Cooperative learning

Cooperative learning

Self evaluation 

Four rows and three columns:

group1 like dislike
group2 like dislike
group3 like dislike
group4 like dislike

Non credo ai miei occhi ,si vede tutto cio' che ho digitato in html! Mi e' costata molta pazienza...una dote che non posseggo,ma sono contenta di aver fatto un altro passettino avanti,cominciando a decodificare questo linguaggio che mi sono sempre rifiutata di imparare...avendo a disposizione mezzi piu' veloci,immediati e piu' vicini al mio modo di essere:perche' faticare tanto quando posso fare tutto in un "balletto ?"

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