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lunedì 19 agosto 2013

Il progetto Etwinning 'Just a click to be friends' è stato approvato !!!!

The project will be integrated in everyday teaching with the aim of developing language, expressive and social skills , in collaboration with the classes of the partner schools through cooperative learning .We will realize a photo competition among the partner schools, on the theme of friendship. The project will be divided into two main parts: the creative one ,in which the children choose the subjects to portray and express thoughts that will translate into images; the second one will include the organization of the real contest where all participants will be present with a photo of them, even if the jury, composed of cooperative groups, will choose three winners for each partner school. Exchange activities and mutual understanding, through the use of video conferencing, email, dropbox, internet site, will allow students to meet and conduct cooperative groups, at every stage of the project. At the end it will be published an eBook on our experience.

Se qualcuno/a  avesse  voglia di  partecipare al progetto ed allargare il partenariato,sarà il benvenuto o la benvenuta!!!  Contattatemi....

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